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Portable Incinerator Is Most Effective Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Equipment For Every Small Nursing Home, Blood Bank, Veterinary Hospital, Poultry Farms. The Unit Is Designed For Quick And Safe Disposal. Working Principle: Furnace Type Associated With Burning Refuse.Used Simple Brick -Lined Enclosures.

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Combustion Chamber Is Well Insulated And Has High Temperature Safe Dozing And Exhaust System. It Has Long And Safe Treatment Of Flew Gases For Safe Disposal Through Long Stack. Temperature Of Burning Chamber Upto 850oc And For Secondary Chamber 1000oc.

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Technical Specifications :

Heaters/Elements Made Of A-1 Kanthal Wire (14 Gauge) For Primary Chamber & (17 Gauge) For Secondary Chamber.
Insulation Strong Insulation Is Done With Combination Of Insulating Bricks & Silicon Fiber Insulating Blanket To Avoid Any Heat Loss.
Front Loading Type It Is Portable In Nature, Which Can Easily Placed In A Small Space In A Corner Of Building.
Consisting Of Dual Chamber Works On Thermal Destruction Using Controlled Combustion Chamber; Combustion Is Controlled And Provides Enough Heat To Destroy The Waste Into Disposable State.
Door Fitted With Hinges & Handle For Proper Sealing To Avoid Heat Loss.
Temperature Temperature Of Primary/Burning Chamber Up To 850 Deg. C And For Secondary Chamber 1000 Deg. C.
Portable Whole Unit Is Mounted On Sturdy Wheels


Control Panel Consists Of 2 Nos Of Micro Processor Controlled Electronic Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicators, Main Line Indicator: "Red Color "Neon Light Will Glow 'ON' Shows That The Current Is Coming To The Oven. Load Indicator: "Green Color" Neon Light Glows When Supply To Heaters Are 'ON'. Rotary Switches: To Start The Machine. M.C.B For Safety.

Capacity KW
10 Kg 15 KW
Supplied With 5 Ft Length Chimney.
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