Gas Chromatograph

Digital Controls

Separate and independent temperature digital controllers for oven, injector,detector and two auxiliary controls with digital display and auto program start system facility. The system is multichannel and multifunction controls with accuracy and ease of operation with method/programm can be developed, stored, recalled and run with simple key board operation. Nine method files storage facility retained in memory when mains is switched off, with event controls, auto diagnostics and rs 232 interfaces for data communication.
Gas Chromatograph


Column Oven Temp Range Ambient To 400 Deg C In 1 Deg C Steps
Column Oven Size 12 Liters
Ramp Four Ramp With Five Isotherms Hold
Temperature Programming Zero To 25deg C /Min In Steps 0.1 Deg C Steps
Cooling Auto Cooling System For Fast Cooling


Injector System S.S. Body Which Fits Into A Universal Base
Glass Insert Removable
Type Dual vertical port with option fused silica capillary columns and packed column
Pressure Electronic P Pressure Controls
Heated Base Universal Injector Base.
Temp Range Ambient To 390°C In Step 1deg C Set By Thumbwheel Switches.
No. Of Injectors Up To 3 (2 Standard)
Types Split / Split Less, Packed 1/8" & ¼ "(Packed Standard)


Dual Flame Ionization Detector With Control Module (Fid) Excellent Sensitivity And Wide Linear Dynamic Range.

Fid Jet Quartz Jet And Minimizes Degradation And Absorption Of Samples
Sensitivity Better Than 2x10 12 G/Sec
Output Attenuator In 12 Binary Step Of X1, X2, X4, X8, X16, X32, X64, X128, X256, X512, 1024,∞
FID Module Dual Differential Type Amplifier
Amplifier Sensitivity 2x10 12A/Mv. Linearity 107
Operation Simultaneous Operation Facility Of All Fid For Identical Sample
Power Requirement 230 V, 50 Hz, 2 KVA
Weight 40 Kg

The System Is Truly Modular (Separate Module For Microprocessor, Fid, Interface) For Ease Of Serviceability

Head Space

Type Programmable
No. Of Vials 12 Nos
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