Bio Safety Cabinet

Biosafety Cabinet Class ii

bio safety cabinet class ii also have an open front design provided with negative pressure generation module. This equipment provides recirculation of mass flow of hepa filtered air. This type of bio safety cabinets provides excellent protection to users, products and the environment.

Bio Safety Cabinet Class iii

bio safety cabinet class iii is a totally closed compact and purely ventilated enclosure having an air tight construction. All the experiments/procedures are performed through rubber gloves, which are provided at the front of the unit. The primary feature of class iii bio safety cabinets is that they maintain negative pressure of 0.5" or more while in operation. The supplies of fresh air are taken inside the enclosure through specially designed high efficiency perfect air filters. The exhausted air of the unit is passed through two modules of hepa filters, which are strategically placed in series. The air passes through the two filters before being discharged in the environment. These type of bio safety cabinet have complete self sustained exhaust system.

Our units are made of wooden laminated / mild steel powder coated / stainless steel the side panels made out of heavy plexi glass sheets are mounted on anodized aluminum frames. The whole unit is supplied with manometer to gauge the pressure drop in the unit while operation, beside the gas cock / vacuum cock, power socket, fitted with fully washable synthetic pre-filter units and secondary high efficiency perfect air filters made of mini pleated non woven fabric. The efficiency of our filters have a rating better than 99.99% at dop (cold) and 99.97% at dop (hot). Our units have the capacity to hold all suspended particles of size > 0.3 micron.

All our bio safety cabinets are provided with perfectly balanced (static as well as dynamic) motor and blower. All the units are provided with adequate illumination at the work table by means of fluorescent lights panel concealed at the upper portion of the unit. Ultra violet light optimal wattage ultra violet light is incorporated in the illumination panel of our bio safety cabinets to take care of the sterilization of the existing air present in the enclosure, thus ensuring the high standard of cleanliness in our equipment before the commencement of actual working.

Bio Safety Cabinet      

Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations

MOC Cabinet Wooden Laminated /Mild Steel Powder Coated / Stainless Steel
Main Filter HEPA Filter (99.97% Efficient At 0.3 Micron Particles)
Prefilter Washable Synthetic Pre-Filter
Sterilization UV Germicidal Tube
Illumination Fluorescent Tube
Front Door Sliding Door Plexiglass
Manometer Analogue Type
Size Working Bench
600mmx600mmx600mm 900mmx600mmx600mm 1200mmx600mmx600mm 1800mmx600mmx600mm
No. Of HEPA Filter
1 1 1 2
Electric Supply AC 230V, 50/60Hz
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