Horizontal Rectangular Autoclave manufacturers suppliers India

Triple walled mounted on a mild steel painted or stainless steel tubular stand.Inner chamber,middle wall and outer wall made of stainless steel autoclave horizontal rectangular .Fitted with pressure gauge autoclave safety valve and steam release valve, boiler,vacuum breaker is provided to break the vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation, automatic low water level cut-off device fitted for safety of the element, automatic pressure control switch, digital temperature indicator, lid made of stainless steel plate with radial locking system.

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Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations

Inner Size(DiaxDepth)
450x450x900mm 450x600x900mm 600x600x900mm 600x600x1200mm
180 L 240 L 320 L 430 L
Heater Load
6.0 KW 6.0 KW 9.0 KW 9.0 KW 9.0 KW
Sterilizing Pressure 1.2 Kgf/Cm² (15 Psi) At 121°C
Operating Pressure From 15Psi - 20 Psi
Pressure Gauge 0-2.1 Kgf / Cm² (30 Psi)
MOC Pressure Vessel Stainless Steel
MOC Middle Wall Stainless Steel
MOC External Wall Stainless Steel
MOC Boiler Stainless Steel
MOC Lid Stainless Steel
Tubular Stand Made Of Mild Steel Or Stainless Steel
Gasket Neoprene Rubber
Electrical Supply 430/440 Volts, 3 Phase